Posted by: Z.F. | December 28, 2008

The Five Samurais


With Engine Sentai Go-onger winding down soon, thank god, once again the Super Sentai franchises continue with its 33rd installment entitled: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. The long awaited Samurai theme has finally been chosen. I have seen years and years of early speculation that claim that the next Sentai will be based on Samurais but sadly none have come true until this year. With Ninjas and even Chinese Martial Arts done twice, how can we not expect TOEI to delve into such an iconic Japanese figure, the Samurais.

Unfortuantely these five colorful tightly clad spandex warriors look nothing like the heavily armored Samuaris we know and love. Although I didn’t expect them to be equipped with giant helmets and bulky armor, that’s too Metal Hero-ish than Sentai, I was expecting something that looked more like a Samurai. I do however applaud TOEI for not doing another animal or vehicle sub-theme (or a combination of both which gives you those hideous Go-ongers). They instead chose the 5 elements for all 5 rangers, wow how clever. And instead of giving them a generic design that has nothing to do with their respective elements, each visor is the Kanji of that element. Ok, this one I do like, but too bad it was done poorly.

Red looks weird, I am sorry, but that looks nothing like the character for Fire. He looks like he got a moustache or something.

Green is disappointing, the character for Wood is symmetrical unlike most of the others but the design just looks badly done.

Blue, or Water, is well okay. The Kanji for water is not symmetrical at all but they made it. It’s not horrible but it looks nothing like the Kanji as well.

Yellow, is one of the better ones but it really bothered me that this also looks nothing like the character. Yellow and Green both could have been done better, sadly the uneveniess shape of the visor ruined it.

Pink is the best. Nice shape, cool overall design and looks like what a visor should look like. But, Sky is not part of the 5 elements, it is gold. I am guessing that is probably going to be the sixth Ranger which I bet will look something like Ohranger’s King Ranger but with some added brush strokes.

Yes, I am not too crazy about the design. They actually look more like a Karate team than they do Samurais. Still it’s a nice change, it will, like all the other designs that I have hated, grow on me. I have a good feeling about this series though. I’ve always liked the Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink team, which is the classic Sentai match up. We haven’t had this since Deka (because in Magi, Blue was a female) and I hope this show can be repeat the greatness of 2007’s Gekiranger.

As of now there’s not a whole lot about the story. I will, just like Decade, provide important info as it comes. Right now it still in the early stages because this show doesn’t air until mid Feburary. Which means Go-onger gets an unexpected 50 episode run! Wow even the superior Kiva and Geki, and the overrated Den-o didn’t get that many episodes. Unless it gets pre-empted again it might only be 49, but still, a show as horrible as that one should’ve ended not Feburary ’09 but ’08.

I miss Sentai because I gave up Go-onger early in the game, which was episode 1 and I don’t plan to resume. So it’s been a while since I watched Sentai so I really really hope this series can deliever. And just today we got a confirmation of the cast:

IPB Image

No, not too hyped about the cast too. But I will to be fair reserve my judgment of their acting skills and how well the characters are until I am watching the show.

Like what I did with Decade, I will list some things I wish to see in this show:

  • Less episodic stories: This bothers me the most, no matter what show it is. Just the idea that can write 40 something episodes that spotlight each Ranger (which they cycle through) have them go through the same generic development plus meeting little kids along the way is nothing I want in a Sentai series. 4-5 episodes of that are fine, but you can’t build a series on just that premise. Gekiranger did great with doing a little bit of everything. The episodes were fresh everytime and was one of the rare shows that just did one battle for the whole 22 minutes.
  • Less Comedy: Comedy is hard to do. I also don’t mind well done comedy but if its going to be slapstick campiness then count me out.
  • Less Mechas: Go-onger pretty much ruined Gattai for me. Seeing 20 crap load of vehicles mashed together…ugh. Please don’t do that Shinkenger!

You know what, all I really want is for this series to be like Gekiranger. Be entertaining and fun, make me want to watch you for one year, that’s all.

By: Adrienzo

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