Posted by: Z.F. | December 28, 2008

New SIC Line: 極魂

So there’s been news about the new SIC line called SIC 極魂, which translate to Extreme Soul. Although I do not think that will be the official name seeing how the other SIC line, the small candy toy one, is called Takumi Damashii, I think this one is going to be called “something-something” Damashii. I will get back to you when I find out.

This new line is going to be more like the original SIC’s, which is reknowed for its articulation and design. These are going to be smaller versions of those, similar in size to SHS’s. Which I have the feeling it might replace, because I haven’t seen any new SHS Kiva after Dogga Form.

 They are going to be 120mm tall, fully poseable and volume 1 will be Kamen Rider Hibiki coming out this January.

S.I.C.極�� 仮面ライダーヒビ��《予約商品01月発売》




To be honest, I am not to excited about this. Mainly because I am don’t crazy about collecting smaller SICs. But they are indeed cheap being about 1,050円 which is 3 times cheaper than regular SICs. I may get my hands one of these eventually but Hibiki isn’t the most enticing Riders for them to have chosen. I am very excited however, to see how this line will progress through time, and what Riders they will choose to make.


  1. OH YES DO WANT. Never did watch Hibiki but the main rider design is pretty great, so a cheap new figure of it is ideal for me. Hopefully they do new characters, like maybe Kiva. I mean sure I love Den-O but NO MORE PLEASE. Kiva’s designs deserve some spotlight!

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