Posted by: Z.F. | December 13, 2008

Journey through the Decade



Well as you might or might not know there’s been a whole lot of new Kamen Rider Decade information that came out these couple of days. So as we journey through this rush of information I would like to help and chew up all these new facts and regurgitate it to you all. Yes, that sounds a bit wrong but anyways let’s start:

So here are some quick facts

  • Decade starts January 25th 2008, 8:00 – 8:30. This is typical of all the Heisei Riders and with Kiva being pre-empted on the Dec.28th its official that there will be only 48 episode of Kiva, what shame.
  • Gackt will be performing Decade’s theme song. It’s called “Journey through the Decade”. I am not sure if the one in the video (at the bottom) is that song. It might or might not be I am not a Gackt follower. Here’s the official site of the song Let me just say it seems TOEI and AVEX are trying to broaden Kamen Rider and make it more mainstream. Since 2007 we’ve gotten more famous bands to sing the theme (AAA and Tourbillon) and now Gackt. This is certainly good news for Kamen Rider fans even if you dislike Gackt. He’s a huge star in Japan and other parts of the world. So for people like me who try to get other people to watch Rider, saying Gackt is the singer of the opening song sure is a good icebreaker.
  • Kamen Rider Decade will be played by Masahiro Inoue. Another 19 year old kid. He doesn’t seem to be on the same lines as Ryotaro and Wataru but to me he just another teenage pretty boy. Am I disappointed with the choice? Yes. Did I expect it, Hell Yes! I won’t judge him yet, he looks okay as of now but this actor isn’t the thing thats bugging me right now.
  • Murai Ryouta is playing Kamen Rider Kuuga! Yes that’s right (even though this is still a rumor, but it seems dozens of sources have confirmed it). The wussy cop from Kamen Rider Den-o and Kiva’s Climax Deka will play the legendary Kuuga. Most rumors have him as a new character who assumes Kuuga’s power. Most Toku fans are probably  familiar with Odagiri Jo’s (Godai Yuuske/Original Kuuga) dismissal of the Kamen Rider Franchise. He’s a huge star and is claimed to be over this silly kid show. Okay, I understand but TOEI really made a huge mistake by casting new people as old Riders. They don’t need Kuuga in my opinion. I am sure they can get another Rider to play Decade’s buddy…oh well, we will see how this go. But just for the record, I hate this idea. I rather see him as Godai Yuuske. Casting new actors for old characters does make sense especially when TOEI is stuck in a casting problem. But making a new character to be an old hero is as repulsive as killing Bruce Wayne and having his little brother fill in as Batman.
  • The Official Site is up and you can see all the 9 Riders with Decade’s belt. Another little thing I am bothered about. It seems like he will just transform into the other Riders.
  • The main plot line says Decade is travelling through different dimensions and meeting up with the Riders. Some say he defeats them and seal their power, some say they work together. Whatever the case is, the 9 different dimension and timelines are confirmed. Old riders re-appearing also is confirmed in the video below. Old actors re-appearing? No words or pictures to prove that yet.

So that’s pretty much it for Decade as of now. If anyone read my first post on Decade, I have listed things I would wish to see in this series. Most importantly having cameos! But it seems TOEI not only is going to rip us off by re-selling old toys from past series and not even going to bring them back but have new actors to take on the role. That’s an obvious choice on their part, they can sell new photobooks and promote new stars, who want old Riders anyways, because some of which are 30 years old now. No housewife want to crave over a man her husband’s age….sigh.


  1. “But making a new character to be an old hero is as repulsive as killing Bruce Wayne and having his little brother fill in as Batman.”

    I take it you’re not reading Batman then?

    • I haven’t no. I know they do this in comic books often but I was speaking in terms of casting. Like if Christian Bale didn’t want to make a Dark Knight sequel and they get another actor to play a new Batman and not a new Bruce Wayne.

  2. that is the theme song. and probably gackts only REAL good song since his debut in 1999. maybe because he didnt compose or write the lyrics to it

  3. If you have any Songs about DECADE email @ kasidej10@yahoo,co,uk

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