Posted by: Z.F. | December 3, 2008

The Hunt for Pink November

Well the hunt for pictures are over as with the usually hectic speculation month of November. Big, bad, brand new pictures and scans of Decade are all over the net. Even though there’s no concrete evidence of what the story will be like, these pictures are enough to refute the nonsense regarding the previously pictures of Decade to be shopped.

Decemeber, however, in my opinion will be less Decade-packed. The next sentai should be rolling in soon to take the spotlight and with Kiva ending a bit prematurely with only 48 episodes, I don’t think I can be excited about Decade until we start seeing who’s in the cast, who’s in the staff and just some live action footage!
So here are some pictures that’s been spreading across the net. Decade in its full glory. I personally loved the design even more with these new shots. But the word around town is that “Why is he Pink?”. That’s something I can care less. I haven’t been a big fan of the overuse of Red in Rider, it’s more of a Sentai color, really. Pink isn’t a horrible color, and some how when I think of a Pink rider I am reminded of Kamen Rider Ichigo’s original pink eyes. So some part of me really feel this isn’t one of those obscure and crazy choices made by an erratic designer.

Here’s another picture worth showing. Decade and his cards, now that’s something that doesn’t remind me of good old Ichigo. What does this card do? Does it summon Kuuga? Or does it give him Kuuga power of a form that looks like him?

Guess we will find out soon…

By: Adrienzo


  1. I want to that who will play the roll of other kamen riders on the next preview of kamen rider decade? cause in the fourth preview he faces kiva int the next preview he will faces ryuki!? who’s gonna be the ryuki its the same person on the real ryuki or not tell me!?

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