Posted by: Z.F. | November 26, 2008

S.I.C. Vol: 46 Kamen Rider THE FIRST & Cyclone Preview

So every year SIC tries to fit in a bike set and a set dedicated to the older heroes, the ones Ishinomori help create. With Den-o SIC coming full force, and it doesn’t look like its stopping anytime soon, they will take a small break with this bike set coming out in February.

I am not that crazy about these new SIC releases. This looks great though but there are so many other Riders they could have chosen. Ichigo looks a bit more bulky compared to his MR counterpart but this I assume will have better articulation than the other MR figures. I will be getting this set no doubt but really I want Kabuto but I wouldn’t mind if they skipped that again for Kiva.

Den-o will continue on with Vol. 45, Liner Form and Zeronos Zero Form. A cheap move by BANDAI. Zeronos is just a repaint but Liner form to most SIC collecters, such as myself, is a must. They’ve created all the main and final forms of all the New Gen Riders (that they have done). Therefore I really need to put my Liner Form with Ultimate, Shining, Survive, Blaster, King and Soukou! But I really have no care for another Zeronos figure!

After this set comes Vol 48: Climax and Urataros, this one can be past but it sure will be on many Den-o fans wishlist who want to have all the 5 Imagins together. With Ura getting the real SIC treatment over his Rider, it really shows to tell how much the Imagin is more popular than the Rider itself. Kintaros will no doubt in my books get SICed as a volume perhaps Vol.49 which will either be Gaoh or the other Den-o movie riders.

The best thing they could have done is put Liner with Urataros and Climax with Kintaros. That would have ended the Den-o SIC at volume 48 and not go beyond. Den-o is officially the most SICed series in history. Quite a shame…

By: Adrienzo


  1. what about S.I.C Vol. 47?

    • SIC 47 is going to be Kamen Rider Gaoh (From the Den-o movie) and Kintaros Imagin.

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