Posted by: Z.F. | October 27, 2008

S.I.C. Vol 43: Den-o Gun Form and Ryutaros Imagin Review

S.I.C. Volume 43: Kamen Rider Gun Form and Ryutaros Imagin Review:

The second S.I.C. set from the Kamen Rider Den-o series was released in late September. Seeing how Ryutaros is a huge fan favourite, BANDAI has undoubtedly decided to give it the S.I.C. treatment over his cohorts, Urataros and Kintaros. Though I am not a big fan of Gun Form’s design and actually hated Ryutaros’ character, this is still indeed a superb set.

Once again here are some pictures:

Just a note, Ryutaros comes with tons of extra stuff that I did not take pictures of. These includes a drawing book, with crayons, a bubble gun, and another coffee cup similar to Momotaros’. It’s not the greatest accessories but it is fun to have if you love the show.

So what’s the verdict:

I’ll admit I am little bias. If you read my previous review for Den-o Sword Form and Momotaros, I gave that set 100% and claimed it as the best SIC to date. Everything that was great with that volume is apparent here. But my biggest problem is itself the choice of Ryutaros and Gun Form. Anyways I will explain in a moment.

Design: Kenji Ando once again makes the toy cooler than the real Rider. Gun form just looks fantastic. But I have to deduct a half star just because the figure not that special. It could’ve been a little more SIC-esque.

Playbility and Durability: These two are identical to the previous volume. So I’ll keep it sort. It’s superb!

Value: So my greatest problem with this set is the choice of Gun Form and Ryutaros. Gun Form and Sword Form does not have major differences except for the faceplate, the thigh armor, the belt’s center and the opened up armor. That’s only 5 to 6 different pieces that are truly new, so I really think they could have made Gun and Sword as one set with Momotaros. Also according to recent publications, there isn’t confirmation for Ura and Kin. I mean if they just make Momo and exclude the other, I am fine with that. He is the main Imagin so he gets the SIC treatment but here they make Ryu so that makes the collection empty for all Den-o fans!

Final Word: It’s a marvelous set. For Den-o and Ryutaros fan this is a must get but if you aren’t than I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s basically Sword Form with a little modification. It’s not just a cheap repaint but in reality it’s not a 100% new piece of work.

By: Adrienzo

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