Posted by: Z.F. | October 5, 2008

2008 Tokyo Trip: Day Four!!! Opening Night

So this is the day I’ve been looking forward to the most. It’s August 9th 2008 and the debut of Kamen Rider Kiva: King of the Castle in the Demon World! and of course Go-onger’s Movie as well.

Here’s another ad I spotted in a subway car.

But first, Lunch! This probably the best plate of Sushi I have had in my life! Especially the Tuna.

So I got the the theatre about 1 hour early. And so I spent about 45 minutes shopping at the department store. And with only 15minutes left to wait I couldn’t shop anymore and quickly jumped into an elevator and zoomed up to level 7 where the theatre was. As seen in this picture:

Okay so when I stepped out of the elevator, I thought I was pretty early. The man who stood outside told me if I was here to watch Kamen Rider and I said yes. Then he told me this way. He lead me to the stairs, and then I knew I was not the first one here…So after going from level 3 to level 7 on the elevator, I had to walk all the way down to level 3 where the line up ended….it was pretty embarassing but funny at the same time.

So I noticed to demographics as I waited in line and as I walked down the stairs. 1) Teeange – Adult men who came alone and 2) Moms with their kids (as seen in these two pictures)

So it was time, after a short 10 minute wait, even though it felt pretty long to me, we went up the stairs to the theatre. I quickly got in and grabbed a nice seat….until I noticed something weird. There’s awfully fewer people here than I remembered lining up. Then it came to mind that everyone was outside getting their limited Movie Edition goodies!!!

Since I was alone, I had no one to save my seat. And had to go out and line up to see what stuff there was to purchase.

So they mainly had Magazines and Stationary. In the above picture there are two Movie Edition Magazines featuring both Go-onger and Kiva. The one on the left is the same as the one on the right (with just the Kiva in the white Background) except that the one on the right includes a special DVD with the Press Conferences interview. I got the DVD one. I also got magazine and a folder.

Most of this was Rider stuff and a few Sentai thingys here and there. There was T-shirt but I wasn’t sure what size so I didn’t get it…in retrospect I’m kinda mad that I didn’t get some of the stationary goods and there was like a nice wallet too.

So once I got my stuff, I went and watch the movies. Here’s the review btw:

One thing I like to mention is that it feels everyone was here to watch Rider and not Sentai. There was only one kid who left after Go-onger’s movie. I say this because no one was laughing or made any noises throughout the Go-onger’s movie. But once Kiva was on and just within the first minute everyone was starting to laugh when Nago insulted Megumi in the opening sequence. The Den-o cameos with Ryuutaros and Urataros saying their catchphrase got the biggest laugh with the audience. I guess this is why TOEI won’t give these guys up…

Okay so here’s this funny part that I mentioned which relates back to Day one, for those who have read it. Remember how I spent Day one searching for a theatre that played Kiva, and how I went to a theatre in Shinjuku. Well the ironic thing is, that exact theatre was featured in the movie!! There’s a scene where Otoya and Wataru was walking around Shinjuku and then Kamen Rider Rei stops by on his bike and he parks it right outside the very same theatre I visited days before. They had a poster of “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” which they blurred out in the movie, but that really just confirmed it for me. Well, it’s not really funny but I thought it was a strange coincidence.

So that pretty much concludes my Tokyo Trip! Thanks for stopping by. I will get back to reviewing toys now!

By: Adrienzo

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