Posted by: Z.F. | October 1, 2008

2008 Tokyo Trip: Day Three

Hey guys I am back to sum up my Tokyo Trip. I stay for 5 days but day 5 was just pretty much me leaving so…

So I began Day Three…uh somewhere, I actually forgot now…but it was another district and I happen to find a huge toy store. I was still looking for some S.I.C’s (mainly Blade because I still didn’t have that in my collection). Anyways so I saw this notice posted near some of the toys displays:


Ah…so true, such words of wisdom.

This is generally the same stuff located all over Japan department stores.

Here’s a kid playing one of those Sentai DVD games.

So on Day three, I end up finding anothe TOEI theatre. Day Three was 08/08/08, so there was still one day left before the premiere.

A poster for a live show, located inside this TOEI building.

A TV showing ads from both Go-onger and Kiva’s movie outside this theatre.

Here’s more random pictures shots I took:

Cardboard cut out of Go-on Red!

Some collectible Rider coins…

Kivat says: “DOGGA HAMMERSSS!!!”

A whole lot of IXA Belts. Makes me wonder why I can’t just take “one”, come on, you got so many!!

and how can you complete a trip to Tokyo without seeing a Wasted Salaryman!

So this is what I got on Day Three, SIC Den-o (which I promise I will review soon!) and MR THE NEXT which you can check out the review here:

Limited Japanese exclusive Momotaros Die-cast Sword. Which includes a Catalog featuring upcoming SICs and all the previous SICs released.


So that’s Day Three guys. I know it’s not as interesting but Day four I go watch Kamen Rider Kiva’s movie!!!

By: Adrienzo

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