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2008 Tokyo Trip: Day Two

Thanks to overwhelming response I couldn’t wait to show you guys more pictures.

So Day Two was an exciting day. I had almost the entire day to myself so I traveled to Ikebukuro to visit the large Animate Store!

Ikebukuro is filled with arcarde centres. Such as this famous Sega one.

So I looked around and happen to bump into this poster featuring the Ultra Brothers! It was a live show and I’ve been looking all around town to see a Tokusatsu live show. At first I wanted to watch this but I had no idea how long it was, and I was with my cousin (who by the way is a female, and has little interest in Rider and no interest in the other franchises). We made a deal that she spends half the day shopping with me for my stuff and then I spend the rest of the time looking at clothes and shoes with her…*sigh

So after some time circumnavigating the whole place, we managed to spot the Animate tower.

And for those who were wondering, yes Den-o is still popular in Japan. These Imagin Anime posters which were plastered all over the entrance of Animate was filled with school girls shouting “Kawaii” over them and waited for me to move aside so they themselves can take pictures of it.

Unfortunately for me, there was not a whole lot of Tokusatsu stuff, well I guess that is why it is called Animate and not Tokustation or something, lol. There were like 5 levels and pretty much all anime stuff. The stuff Toku-related were just the Gashapon machine located outside and around the store as well as CDs and DVDs


Anime had lots of exclusive Imagin Anime Den-o stuff. As you can see. I ended up purchasing a Kiva Anime Key Holder. Once again, lots of girls were craving over this stuff. If you look carefully at the second picture down from this caption at the bottom left corner is a Takeru Sato Box stuff. Not sure what it was but yea, tons of girls were checking that one out.

Here is one machine that I spent 1,200 Yen on!!!! You know I have seen Gashapon machines everywhere here and throughout Hong Kong but I have never came across one that gave out posters (for 400 yen each). This one features Climax-Deka characters. And like the movie theres a not a lot of Kiva stuff except for the cover poster with the two. The rest are the 4 Imagins and Negataros with Nega-Den-o.

I told myself that I wouldt mind getting any of them except Negataro since I didnt really like him. And as you guessed it I got Negataros! Everytime, the one you dont want you get. So I was kinda mad and tried again. Second time I got Kintaros. I was satisified but I really wanted Kiva and Den-o. Third attempt and I get Kintaros again!!! I was fed up so I spent my coins on other stuff.

So that was what I did at Animate. I bought a few things and spent all my coins which were originally nice crispy bills for a bunch of posters, Gashapon items and some Ranger Strike Cards Masked Rider Expansion. Later I decided to go to Shibuya and shop with my cousin. And during the subway trip I spotted a vending machine that supplied Oronamin C. Its not in every vending machine so I decided to get it to see how it tastes like. I really needed as much Rider Power to handle clothes shopping with a girl!

So what happened was my cousin got lost. She tried to find the Subway exit which would lead her directly to a load of clothing stores. But after trying to understand the complex subway map of Tokyo we headed out the wrong exit. Well the wrong exit for her atleast because she stumbled out here:

So this was the exact image I saw when I came out. And as she tried to look for her department stores I couldnt help but see TOEI written on that building. I went to get a closer look and finally my cousins lack of direction paid off! This was one of many TOEI theatres!

 I got so excited that I did’t even want to take this picture.

I wasn’t exactly sure of my schedule, since I was meeting with another group of people later on my trip. I didn’t know if I had actual time to come back and watch but at that point I didn’t really care. I was going to buy a ticket no matter what! (Because I really wanted that RHS figure!)

So what happened was, with my limited Japanese, the girl in the ticket booth and I got lost in translation. I spoke in English first because some (not a lot) of the people in Japan can speak English back. I asked her for the ticket and all was fine until I inquired about the time of the movie. I am not sure about you but all my life when I purchased a movie ticket it came with a specific time that tells you when to come and watch it. I really needed to know what time it was so I can plan out my August 9th.

Her first response was “Eight, Nine” and I had no idea what she said. So she took out the small Kiva poster and pointed at “August 9th”. She assumed, when I asked what time the movie was, that I was asking for the actual premiere date. So this is when it got messy, and then she started to give up on talking to me and just started to laugh in embarassment. I tried to speak in Japanese (all that I know, so that is not alot) and I watched her trying to find the right words to reply. She kept saying “I dont know!” in Japanese to the other ticket attendant but she ignored her. I looked at the other line and all the transaction was going smoothly and everyone got their Kiva-Go-onger ticket plus their Limited Edition figures. Then she responded by saying “No time!” Which confused me even furthur. Now I thought, there was no time left and thought perhaps the movie has been sold out. So this last for about 5-10 more minutes until I start to pick up what she is saying and she finally finds the right word which was: No reserved time!

So there it was. I wasted around 20 minutes with her. But still she didn’t fully answer my question because I still had no idea what time to come and watch the movie. She then started to say “Anytime!” Which was true in a sense but there has to be a specific time for me to come. I did’t bother to ask anymore because my cousin wanted to shop and it was getting dark. So I ended the transaction and got my ticket, limited Kivatte Go toy bike, and the Movie Edition Kiva RHS.

So here are some of the goodies that I got that day:

Aside from the box, I still have no idea how this is different from the other RHSs.

This is a free Kiva Anime sticker that I got for any purchase over 2,000 Yen (if I recall correctly). Yeah, I got into another language jams with the sales at Animate too. He asked me which sticker I wanted and I had no idea what he said. But he got a bunch of diagrams to explain to me. The other stickers to choose from were all Imagins so I went with Kiva.


So that concludes my Day Two in Tokyo! It was definitely one of the coolests days I have had in a long time.

By: Adrienzo

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