Posted by: Z.F. | September 24, 2008

2008 Tokyo Trip: Day One

As some of you might know, I went to Tokyo this summer and was able to watch this year’s Gekijoban Go-onger and Kiva. I will re-post my reviews of the two movies later and now that I recap on my viewing. I think I was a bit harsh on my review for Kamen Rider Kiva: King of the Castle in the Demon World.

Aside from the stuff I did with my family, I tried to take a picture of anything Tokusatsu related when I was in Japan. I didn’t do much but shop and went to a few sightseeing locations. So here are some pictures:

This is the first Kamen Rider thing I came across to. It’s the poster of Kiva’s movie posted in a 7-11 just right beside the hotel I was staying in Shinjuku.


I was certain that I was unable to go to the TOEI studio park, since I had no idea how to get there. I had no news on when any of the live shows were taking place so watching this movie was my only hope. Having seen countless of these posters everywhere I assumed (incorrectly) that this movie will be playing everywhere. At first I stopped by a theatre at Shinjuku, just a few blocks from my hotel, and went into see if they had Kiva playing. But there were no posters there at all. I started to think that perhaps they will only put up the posters when the film aired, since I came on August 6, and still there were 3 days before the premiere.

Here’s a similar but different poster I spotted in one of the subway stations. This one of course was featured together with Go-onger’s movie.

Kiva masks that I found in shop outside a Temple.

As a huge Gashapon fan, seeing something like this is just amazing. This picture was taken at Yodobashi Akiba in Akihibara. I came back a second time to get SIC Den-o and Movie Realization THE NEXT.

More Toys

Kamen Rider DVD’s. Mostly Den-o stuff.

So that pretty sums up my first day in Tokyo. Well only the Tokusatsu related parts of it. I of course skipped all the arguements and feuds along the way, when my cousin and I were trying to find out which is place is what. I spend most of Day Two shopping at Animate and I manage to get the most precious item of all: a ticket to Gekijoban Go-onger and Kiva!

By: Adrienzo

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