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Project BM! S.H.S. x Kubrick – Masked Rider : Review

Project BM! SHS x Kubrick Maked Rider

Late last year, three great toy lines teamed up together to create one masterful Kamen Rider toy collection. These three lines are: Project BM! are the creators of the RAH series (Real Action Hero series) have perfected the ultimate Rider figure, creating the most realistic replicas of our favourite Henshin Hero. S.H.S. (Souchaku Henshin Series) have trademarked their signature feature of allowing their figures to remove and equip weapons and armor. And last but not least the extremely popular Kubrick line, featuring well-detailed collectibles block type figures (reminiscent of Lego).

Well of these three came together, fused all their talents into one and with one amazing result:

These Kubrick renditions of Kamen Rider Ichigo, Nigo, Hibiki, Zanki and Spider Kaijin are just terrific. The S.H.S. style allows you to remove all armor attached as well as the helmet and Project BM! have artisically drew the respective face of each Rider and meticulously sculpted the hair. Even though the face are just a few simple lines, they look uncanny to the actors who portrayed the characters.

Here is the display box. These are what toy stores will get when they order one. It’s all random so even if you buy an unopened box you aren’t gurantee you will get everything

This is a picture of the individual box that includes one random Kubrick:

Here’s the catalouge featuring all the other figures. There are 5 in total with 4 secret figures which is not shown here. The 4 secrets are: Hibiki Kurenai, Todoroki and New Ichigo and Nigo.

The hair is incredibly sculpted to look exactly like Hongo Takeshi’s hair from the original series. And really, Kubrick Hongo Takeshi just looks badass!

The figures are pretty detailed. Check out the back, it is not left blank.

All the armor is removable. Though not shown in this picture the hair can be taken out so you can put the helmet on and the arm and leg pads can also come off. The armor is actually made of die-cast which is a nice touch

There’s not much articulation as you expect. It’s similar to Lego if you aren’t sure what Kubricks are. You can move the head, arm and legs around and that’s it.

Here’s a few shots of Ichimonji Hayato/Kamen Rider Nigo

Here’s the iconic Spider Kaijin from the first episode of the original Kamen Rider series. Just in case you were wondering, he doesn’t have a face under his mask it’s just a blank block.

The other series featured in this set are the guys from Hibiki. Hibiki is the lucky one and gets the most gadgets and the only one with weapons. The Animal Disc and his henshin device are all included (one to put on the belt and one to hold) and his drumsticks are also included!

Zanki-san!!!! Though he kinda looks different now as Jiro…

Todoroki is a Special figure. I decided only to get him because the others were just the same Riders. He is a repaint but he’s got a different face and hair so I guess Todoroki is probably the most special of the specials.

So what’s the Verdict for Project BM! S.H.S. x Kubrick – Masked Rider:

Design: Tremedous Design! The figures look as show accurate as possible seeing how they are designed to fit the small Kubrick body. They just look “cute” when you put them all out as Rider. But what I love most about this are the human heads that are included. They aren’t just generic Lego faces, as you can see they all look like the actual actors. This is why this toy gets full marks for Design.

Playbility: There’s not a whole lot you can do with these figures than just pose them. But instead of just making them statues they decided to give it an S.H.S. touch allowing you to take off the armor, exchange them with other figures. So they do try to make it as playable as possible. Since I grade the toys according to its own merits, Kubricks weren’t meant to be played with so what is feature is all good. I would have given it 4.5 stars but some of the armor (especially the Hibiki guys) are a bit loose and falls off quite frequently.

Durability: The Die-cast armor are really nice but the plastic are a bit weak. Like I’ve mentioned before antennas are always fragile so I would be careful with the antennas on Ichigo and Nigo’s head.

Value: These guys vary a lot in price. And from what I have noticed they aren’t too popular seeing how the price for them are constantly dropping. Since you buy these randomly like candy toys, the selection really isn’t the best. I like Hibiki the show and even the design but for the first volume of this innovative set, it’s probably not the best choice. I think they should have done more Rider-like Riders such as Agito, Faiz, Blade, or even Kabuto. But one good thing is, you get the classic riders and there’s only one Kajin (if you don’t like Kaijins, like me) so that’s a good thing, the chances are good that you pick up a Rider and not a monster.

Final Words: There hasn’t been any news on the second volume which is sad (because its been a year already). They are really nice and I hope they will do both classic riders and New-Gen riders (like the ones I mentioned above). Usually the second volume does take a bit of time to come after the first volume so let’s hope they announce a second set soon!

By: Adrienzo


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