Posted by: Z.F. | September 10, 2008

CC-HR “Masked Rider Collection” By Heroic Rendezvous

During my summer trip to Asia, I stopped by Hong Kong. Probably the world’s greatest shopping paradise. I was going to Japan afterwards and thought probably Japan was the best place to get Rider-related stuff but Hong Kong happened to have something Japan didn’t. It’s a new trendy Kamen Rider based clothing line called “CC-HR”.

CC-HR “Masked Rider Collection” is by the already popular clothing brand called Heroic Rendezvous. This line was launched late last year and features cartoon renditions of the original riders (mainly Ichigo to RX plus a bunch of baddies).

I happened to see one of these at a department store and even with the hefty price tag I really wanted to get my hand one of these t-shirts! They were selling like crazy since a lot of the really cool looking jackets were already sold out. But enough talk, let’s get to the pictures. I manage to take their last worn out catalogue so I can show you guys these pics:

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, I’m pretty sure I don’t have to talk much now. Sadly this line is only available in Hong Kong (from what I know) and if you really like this cartoon style, well they pretty much discontinued it. The new line released just recently are t-shirts with a painting of the Old-Gen Riders.

It’s really hard to find info on this online, and their official site only has this (but amazing picture) : Yeah, that’s one of the two images printed on the new t-shirts but in black and white (what a shame). I still have a bit of stuff related to CC-HR that I will post later. I will definitely keep an eye on any new release since I got some friends in Hong Kong.


  1. Hihi
    Haha yup, actually this is still available albeit limited when i went to HK this year at the month of June. Price wise is really expensive for a T-Shirt but still its nicely done.

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