Posted by: Z.F. | September 7, 2008

Welcome to “O S S I A”


Hey everyone this is Adrienzo. I’ve decided to take down my previous “Toy Review” site because I ran into some problems therefore today I present to you my new blog: “O S S I A“. ….yeah its the best name I can come up with. If you know what the meaning of ossia is then you will get a gist of what I want this site to be.

Anyways, here at  O S S I A , I will try to provide a bit of everything. But I will mainly focus on reviews, and I will spend the majority of my time writing reviews for Tokusatsu toys. I really want to make this a fan-powered site and wish for anyone who is willing to add their insight and reviews for anything Toku-related to please help.

Thanks guys for all your support and stay tune for more stuff coming these next months!

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